Somner® Collection Vertical Blinds

The premium Somner™ Collection has 377 SKUs in a variety of textures and colors, including 205 fabric, 167 vinyl and 5 aluminum choices to complement any décor. The collection features six exclusive vinyl styles including: Lutex™ for translucency; Softex™ for noise reduction; Duotex™ for a harmonious neutral tone appearance; textured and multi-colored print collections as well as the elegant Classics collection. Somner custom vertical blinds come standard with the Paramount® Contoured Headrail System and are also available with the PermAlign® Headrail System.
Our choice collections — M3 Textured Vinyl Verticals and Vertical Solutions New Edition — offer a total of 27 styles and 149 SKUs. Both vertical collections come standard with the PermaTrak® Headrail System and offer a variety of beautiful and affordable vertical styles and combinations.

Paramount Contoured Headrail System
The Paramount Contoured Headrail System provides a beautifully sophisticated and elegant contoured design that reduces light gaps and provides a tight, symmetric fit for years of smooth and quiet performance. The Paramount headrail is available in a classic Ivory Whisper Gloss finish.

PermAlign and PermaTrak Headrail Systems
These reliable headrail systems are the perfect combination of functionality and design. Guaranteed to keep verticals in exact alignment, these systems offer your customer a lifetime of trouble-free operation.

PermaTilt® Wand Control System
PermaTilt provides traverse and rotation control in one single unit.

PermAssure® Safety Wand System
Available with the PermAlign and PermaTrak Headrail Systems, this no charge option operates with a simple twist and provides a safer environment for children and pets by completely eliminating the chain and cord. Available in both side and center draw


Material: Fabric, Vinyl or Aluminum

Louver Size: 3 1/2"

Sizes Available: Width: 9" to 191"
Height: 12" to 192"

Material/Color Options: 377 combinations

Privacy and Light Control (1 to 5 scale)
(1) Reduced glare, no privacy
(2) Softened light, moderate privacy
(3) Softened light, substantial privacy
(4) Diffused light, complete privacy
(5) Blocked light, complete privacy

Specialty Shapes and Applications: Arches, angles, bay and corner windows, sliding glass doors, french doors

Operation Systems Options: Standard PermaTilt® wand control,
optional chain and cord

Motorization Options: Electrical-powered remote or switch control (tilt only)

Soil and Dust Resistant: Yes

Uniform Exterior Appearance: Yes

Orientation/Window Shape: Vertical

Safety Features: Yes

Energy Efficiency: Good

UV Protection: Excellent (90% to 95%), Superior (95% to 99%)

Sound Absorption: Good, Excellent